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About us

Top Notch Design is a design and engineering agency situated in Sweden. We are specialized in advanced product development, and provide quality design and engineering solutions for your product. We support your project in the fields of design, mechanical engineering, CAD, surface modeling, mechatronics, prototyping and production optimization, as well as project management and design strategy. We specialize in injection molded plastic, mechatronics, housing for electronics and project management.

We are flexible and gladly customize our projects according to the client’s requests and needs. Thanks to frequent reconciliations and close cooperation with the customer, we assure that the product is developed in a way that will suit the client as well as the market. We are working towards both small and big companies, and in a variety of fields. Feel free to check out our portfolio for more details about some of our projects.

We look forward hearing about your products, ideas and plans!


Top Notch Design was started in 2005 by four engineers with a vision to create a combined design and engineering agency. We wanted the company to be able to manage the entire process, from the first design sketch to production-ready final design. Since plastic engineering was one of our core work experiences, the focus of the company was clear from the start – Plastic Design

Since 2005 we have assisted the Swedish industry to create successful and innovative products. We have over the years been through amazing experiences; completed hundreds of projects, generated over 50 patents, won high prestige prizes and designed products both in front of the tv-camera and to live audiences.

Since the start we have grown with new product developers, mechanical engineers, mechatronics engineers and project managers to enhance our team. Today, you find us at Södermalm in Stockholm – Welcome!


We love magnificent products. Our belief is that every product or service can be made more beautiful, more functional and more environmentally sustainable than the last. With our work, we strive every day to ensure that this thesis stays continuously true.

We believe in an integrated product development process with the main focus on the final product. We see the process as a great equation in which all of the components are of great importance; brand, design, functionality, production, sales, finance and environmental. We spend most of our waking time understanding why some products are more attractive and sell better than others. This curiosity, we combine with our experience in technical problem solving, to create the magnificent products that both increase our client’s sales as well as helps create a more sustainable society.