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World’s Best Garlic Press

The mission was simply to create the world´s best garlic press.

The project started with a comprehensive analysis that included extensive testing of all the garlic presses that existed on the Nordic market. The concept development and testing resulted in a world-wide patented solution, that provides perfectly pressed garlic and easy cleaning without hassle. The hinge unclips and opens up completely, allowing the cleaning spikes to clean the grid, and ensures that any leftover garlic can be removed with ease. Clean with a click!

The product is a well known bestseller with more than 200,000 units sold. It is available at most of the larger retailers in the Nordics, including Clas Ohlson, ICA, Åhléns and Citygross.

Lindén International

Lindén International AB develops and sells a wide range of household products for consumer and professional clients. Function, Hygiene and Quality are some of the main key words in the products of Lindén International.