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The mission was to create a completely new logistics system with an ergonomically work environment for Bring Citymail’s personnel.

The project started out with an extensive pre-study, including ergonomic studies, legal investigations and concept development. The concepts were tested and a proof of concept was created for live testing. The concept tests initiated the mechanical and product design phase. The final result was a product, designed for manufacturing and delivered in full scale prototypes and, by the manufacturer pre-approved, CAD-files.

The product fits a custom bike rack and is developed to fit all standard logistics systems. The boxes are stackable and becomes nested by turning 180°. The box is durable, rain safe and was molded with 100 % recycled plastics in very large quantities.

So if your postal delivery guy/girl is giving you a smile, it is probably because of the beautiful yet ergonomically friendly boxes they are handling!

Bring City Mail

Bring solves everyday logistics for small and large businesses in the Nordic region. Bring has over 3000 employees in Sweden, with a passion for transport, plan, delivery, store, and communicate. Bring is a part of Norway Post, one of the largest logistics and postal operators in Scandinavia.